Cost. Credibility. Flexibility and Security all in one Organization!

Reasons for which we exist for our customers, for which we develop ourselves and for which we have chosen to be your trustfull partners.


Our knowledge in this area is on the highest level. We have the necessary infrastructure, in order to develop ourselves in the direction imposed by the market and the social factor, we have the technical basis and naturally the productivity.

Financial Consultancy

In everything we do we try to offer our clients stability. Stability can be achieved through communicating information. This has to be prompt and correct.


Our clients seek out audit services as a measure of insurance against high financial and fiscal risks to which they are exposed in the running of their basic activities.

C&C Financial Services

Our company, in its present shape, was founded in 2003, with full Romanian capital. We have evolved constantly, and today we are a team of 17 people, whose expertise allows us to offer you a full and diverse range of financial services.

Our company has been and is still continuously growing because of the client-oriented policy that we are promoting. The experience in the financial-accounting field of more than 16 years of the company’s senior partners comes to meet the ever more diverse requirements of our clients, with a high degree of complexity, developed on the market of financial services.

Each step towards the development and consolidation of a business draws resources and creates unique solutions.